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A carpet that's not vacuumed regularly can affect your health, your economy, and much more. To learn the proper way to keep your carpeted floors clean with your vacuum, read this post.

How to Vacuum Your Carpets Clean

There are plenty of reasons why you should vacuum your floors regularly. As Vacuums Guide states, vacuuming your floors once a week can influence your health, the carpet's condition, your economy, and even your relationships.

Still, simply vacuuming your floors isn't enough: if you want your carpeting to be clean, you will need to vacuum it the right way. To learn what this entails, read the tips mentioned below.

Remember that you should have a professional team clean your carpeting at least once a year to keep it in mint condition. Call Cactus Cleanpro (602) 517-3784 if your floors are due a professional carpet cleaning in Phoenix.

Acquire the Appropriate Tools

The tools you choose to vacuum with can determine how thorough, proper, and easy your vacuuming sessions will be. For that reason, it is imperative that you acquire the appropriate tools to clean the carpeted areas in your home. For example, you will need to consider your flooring's material, hair length, use, size, and more, if you want to choose a vacuum that will have the necessary attachments and suction power to lift as much dirt and gunk off the ground.

Try to Be Consistent

The importance of having your carpets vacuumed at least once every week can't be understated, since neglecting to do so can result in an unsanitary home. Not to mention, an unkempt carpet can be harder to clean because of dust accumulation. For those reasons, you should try to be as consistent as possible.

To make your vacuuming sessions easier, designate a day of the week to go over one of the carpeted rooms in your home, and stick to the schedule.

Prep Before You Begin

Vacuuming can be much more effective if you prepare properly for the task. For instance, you should ensure that your vacuum is clean before you begin, which is why you should empty out its dust bag. Furthermore, you should verify that the correct nozzle is attached to it. As for the room, be sure to pick up any items that may be on the floor, so they don't get in the way of your vacuuming.

Employ the Right Technique
"How" you vacuum can have a very real impact in "how well" you vacuum. This is because going over the carpet quickly and without much care won't help you get rid of all of the dirt that's trapped inside it. To be effective, you should slowly vacuum one spot in your carpeted floors in different directions. This will help the machine have a higher chance of reaching and suctioning the filth that's in your flooring.

If your carpeted floors are in need of professional help to remain flawless and sanitary, call Cactus Cleanpro in Phoenix  at (602) 517-3784 to book an appointment today.

Be Thorough

Thoroughness is key when vacuuming your floors, as it will guarantee that your carpets are as clean as can be after your vacuuming sessions. To that end, you should consider a couple of things.

First, remember to change out the vacuum's attachments as you see fit, so you can reach and clean corners and other similar areas. Secondly, move your furniture around so you can clean the carpet that's under it (even if it doesn't get as much use).

Don't Overdo It

Being too eager about your carpeted floors' cleanliness can be just as detrimental to them as being neglectful. This is because being rough when vacuuming, or vacuuming your carpeted floors too often (e.g. every day of the week) can damage them, loosen them up, and affect their lifespan. To ensure your floors stay in perfect condition for a long time, remember to be gentle when you vacuum, and to vacuum them at most 3 times a week.

Watch Your Footsteps

Last but not least, you will also have to be careful with your footsteps after you're done vacuuming. This is because your dirty shoes could leave a mark behind on your freshly-cleaned floors. To avoid that situation, you should try to vacuum your way out of the room to erase your footsteps as you go. You could also try vacuuming barefoot or with just your socks on, so your flooring can remain clean for longer.

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