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 A regular professional deep clean is necessary to keep your floors in mint condition. To be completely ready for the cleaners' visit, read and follow the tips mentioned in this post.

How to Prepare for a Professional Carpet Cleaning Session

Carpets are soft, stylish, and warm. However, for them to remain that way, they need to be properly cared for. This includes a yearly professional carpet cleaning session to strip all of the gunk, stains, bad odors, nasty microorganisms, and other damaging agents away from it, and make it flawless once more. Nonetheless, to have a successful professional carpet cleaning, you need to be prepared for the cleaners' visit. For a few tips on how you can be ready for it, read the post below.

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You surely want the carpet cleaners to be as quick and efficient as possible, right? Well, for that to happen, you will need to prepare a parking space for them to park their vehicle (preferably, right in front of your place). This is because, as you may be aware, professional carpet cleaners carry heavy machinery with them. Ensuring they park near your home will save them time and effort moving those things around. Doing so will be greatly appreciated and will get your floors cleaned in a much more efficient way.

Have Instructions, Comments, and Questions Ready

Another way to prepare for your carpet cleaners' arrival is to write down any questions, instructions, and comments you may have. Needless to say, every household is different, and everybody has different needs, which is why you should let the cleaners know of any specifications up front (for instance, if there's a big stain behind the couch). Likewise, if you have any questions regarding the cleaning process, be prepared to ask them as soon as they arrive. This will ensure their visit will go over in a much smoother way.

Keep Your Floors Clutter-Free

It's probable that the first thing you do when you have to vacuum is put shoes, toys, and other items that may be lying around, away. This is so you're not interrupted while you're working on your floors. Well, you should do the same if carpet cleaners will be coming to your home. Mats, drapes, and rugs should also be put away, so the cleaners can focus on making your floors flawless once more. However, if you have heavy furniture or items, you can ask the cleaners for help to move them around.

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Put Away Any Fragile or Valuable Objects

First of all, you can rest assured that the Cleanpro team is reliable, professional, careful, responsible, and trustworthy. Nonetheless, it's still a good idea to put any fragile or valuable objects away in a safe place before they come to your home to clean your floors. Doing so will help guarantee that there won't be any mishaps or misunderstandings and that your valuables will remain intact after their visit. A few items that you may want to put away are your electronic devices (laptop, cell phone), their cords, jewelry, vases, etc.

Keep Your Pets Safe, Too

If you have any pets at home, you surely want them to feel safe and calm at all times. This is why you should find a place for them to be while the carpet cleaning session is going on (especially if they live indoors). As you know, the materials Cleanpro utilizes are completely safe for them. However, if you don't want them to be stressed or get out, and if you'd like the cleaners to finish their work promptly, you should designate a quiet space where they can stay while the cleaning process is underway.

Make Plans

As a final tip, you can prepare for the cleaners' arrival by making plans for when they're done. As you know, the CLEANPRO® Carpet Cleaning System uses little moisture, which means your carpet will be ready to be stepped on normally within two hours of their visit. However, while those two hours go by, you will need to let the carpet rest and dry completely. To avoid boredom, you should make plans: maybe you can take your pet to the park, or visit a friend. When you return, you'll have a fresh and flawless carpet!

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